Specialty Surgical Services


Veterinary Specialty and Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

Like people, our pets get hurt or sick and require procedures to improve, or save, their life.

The professional Veterinary team at Mountain Animal Hospital Center and Mobile Veterinarian are known as one of the top Vail Valley Veterinary Hospitals for complicated and specialty surgical small animal surgeries, including orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries.

At Mountain Animal Hospital Center  our trusted Board Certified Veterinary Surgeons have years of experience with both common and complicated veterinary procedures.

Our Veterinary Professional Staff include Board Certified Veterinary Surgeons  Dr. Darren Imoff and Dr. Steve Gentry.

Dr. Gentry is boarded by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners and specializes in soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, while Dr. Darren Imhoff is  boarded with the American Board of Veterinary Surgeons. All specialty veterinary surgeries are  performed at our fully equipped Mountain Animal Hospital Center in Eagle, Colorado. Both Dr. Imhoff and  Dr. Gentry are available by appointment and also will perform pre-operative consultations by appointment.

Specialty veterinary surgeries include:

  • Ligament repair (such as knees, ankles, etc) (ACL surgeries including TPLO and lateral imbrication)
  • Fracture Repair
  • Clinical Soft Tissue surgery
  • Traumatic and routine orthopedic surgeries
  • Cancer surgeries (splenectomies, limb amputations, etc)


Our compassionate staff understands how important your pet is to your family, and we are here to make surgical procedures as stress-free as possible.

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