Soft Tissue Surgical Services


Mountain Animal Hospital Center and Mobile Veterinarian  offers  Full-Service Surgical Services to the entire Vail Valley.

Routine and emergency surgeries are performed at our Mountain Animal Hospital Center located at 341 Broadway Street in Eagle, Colorado.

Routine surgeries include both feline and canine spays and neuters, mass removals, wart removals, cancer surgeries, bladder surgeries, hernia repairs, eyelid tumors and congenital defects, biopsies, etc.

We offer discounted puppy and kitten packages that offer a 10% discount on all spays and neuters, and we also participate in the Eagle Valley Humane Society program for discount spays and neuters for those in significant financial need. Applications are available at our office.

Emergency surgeries include Gastric Dilation and Volvulus surgery, laceration repairs, diagphragmatic hernia repairs, fracture repairs, foreign body removals, cystotomies, etc.

All surgeries are performed at the Mountain Animal Hospital Center under careful observation by trained veterinary technicians. All surgeries are performed by our licensed veterinarians. All patients receive appropriate intravenous catheters and fluid therapy, pre-op bloodwork, pre and post op pain medication, and are carefully monitored with only the best monitoring equipment available.

When searching for your Vail Valley Pet Vets for quality surgical Services, choose Mountain Animal Hospital Center!

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