Small Animal Dentistry

Preventative and Advanced Dentistry

Pets require routine dental care including dental examinations, cleanings and routine dental x-rays.  

Dental disease can quickly lead to systemic disease in pets, and can also be a source of chronic pain! Remember, your Vail Valley and Eagle pets can't tell you when their mouth hurts!

At the Mountain Animal Hospital Center and Mobile Veterinarian, we believe strongly in routine oral health care for pets to promote a healthier, pain-free life. We offer FREE dental examinations year-round as well as have specials on Dental care throughout the year.

February and September are "dental awareness months" offering a 20% discount for all dental cleanings, extractions, bonded sealants to repair damaged enamel, and dental radiographs.

At Mountain Animal Hospital Center and Mobile Veterinarian, we use only the best and most effective technology to comfortably examine and care for your pet’s teeth.

image1       Digital Dental Radiography 

By using the newest veterinary digital imaging system x-ray technology, we are able to assess disease under the gum-line far before we can visually see oral pathology in your pet. Dental x-rays are quickly becoming "standard of care" when a dental is performed on a pet, and especially when predicting success from extractions. Pets can quickly become ill when a root is left behind during a procedure, and in addition, a diseased tooth left in the mouth when x-rays were not performed can quickly become a source of pain for your pet. So don't compromise on your pet's oral care! Insist on Dental x-rays!


Should more advanced dental techniques be required, we have advanced equipment including a high speed dental drill. Because most dental infections fall below the gum line, and a tooth can look normal but is actually diseased, this great service takes less than an hour, is painless for your pet, and we can immediately identify and resolve problems.


Out skilled veterinary team at the Mountain Animal Hospital Center are trained to perform anesthetic blocks during dental procedures so as to provide long term pain relief and a quicker recovery for your pets.


Damage to the enamel of a tooth can lead to deeper damage later on. Our professional team is trained on applying "bonded sealants" to repair damaged enamel so as to save that tooth from a painful extraction later.


Clean teeth and a healthy mouth are essential for your pet’s overall health, and regular cleanings are key for preventing gum disease in animals. Our trained professional staff will carefully clean your pet's teeth, then examine all teeth and the entire oral cavity for fractured teeth, abscessed teeth, oral cancers, or in cats "resorptive" lesions.

Routine prophesy are essential in pets for early detection of potentially painful and life-threatening oral disease.

Call now to book your Vail Valley pet's annual Dental exam with the Valley's premier Veterinary Dental Care provider, Mountain Animal Hospital Center and Mobile Veterinarian!



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