Equine Dentistry

Mountain Animal Hospital Center and Mobile Veterinarian provide mobile as well as clinic Equine Dental Care here in the Vail Valley and Summit County.

Equine Dental care is essential for the sport horse, the breeding horse, or even our pet horses.

Over the years, equine dentistry has made multiple advances.  As we all know, horse's teeth consistently grow, creating "points" which can alter eating, comfort, and overall performance. In addition, young horses consistently have teeth "erupting" as new adult teeth come in, and these horses require advanced dental care to remove "caps." Regardless of the age of your eagle or summit county horse, they require routine equine veterinary dental care by a skilled professional.

Dr. Fitzpatrick has personally trained with top equine dentists over many years to develop her skills as an Equine Dentist.

As a cutting horse competitor herself, she has experienced how poor dental care in an horse can alter it's overall performance and growth and has refined her techniques in floating and extractions to assure she provides only the finest in equine dental care.

Call Dr. Fitzpatrick to schedule one or multiple horses for their annual Veterinary Dental Check up !





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