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When your Vail Valley Pet eats foreign objects~

Pets love to eat things! After many sleepless nights recently in my veterinary hospital, I have learned just how many things (other than their pet food) pets eat! Here at Read More

Spring is here for your Vail Valley Pet

Is it almost spring in the Vail Valley?As your Vail Valley Veterinarian,   I can’t believe that daylight savings time is this weekend –with this warmer weather come bike rides and Read More

Springtime Hazards in your Vail Valley Pet

Spring has arrived here in the Vail Valley! With the early thaw and onset of warmer weather far sooner this season, we as pet owners should prepare our pets and Read More

Flea and Tick Season is here in the Vail Valley

Happy Spring everyone!  What a better way to celebrate the return of warm weather than chatting about parasites, specifically fleas and ticks!  Well, as a Vail Valley Veterinarian and pet Read More

Allergies and Veterinary care here in the Vail Valley

As your Vail Valley Veterinarian and Pet Vet, We are seeing that Allergy season for pets is here – UGH!  The warmer, damper weather in the spring means that our trees, Read More

Memorial Day Hazards from your Vail Veterinarian

Memorial Day is almost here! The weather is finally warm enough to break out our grills for weekend picnics and parties, or for others, it’s time to hit the road Read More

What to look for with behavioral changes in your cat

As a Vail Valley veterinarian for many years, I have found that there are many times pets will change behaviors when they are trying to communicate something to their owners. Unlike Read More

Leptospirosis in your Vail Valley pet

As your Vail Valley Veterinarian, I understand how important it is to get outside with your pets – whether it’s the summer or the winter, it’s part of our lifestyle Read More

High temperatures and hot cars are dangerous for your Vail Valley Pet

It’s that time of year again – summertime!  Boating, hiking, outdoor concerts, kids outside from dawn until dusk – what an amazing time of year in our valley!  With the Read More

Importance of Annual examinations in your Vail Valley Pets

As your Vail Valley Veterinarian for over 25 years,  I have seen a very common trend in pet care. I see many pet owners who feel that “vaccination” of their Read More

Dangers of wildfires to our Vail Valley Pets

~~With our very dry year, the number of wildfires has increased exponentially, especially here in Eagle County. With air conditions varying, especially as the wind shifts, the quality of our Read More

Common toxicities in your Vail Valley Cats

Cats are curious creatures. They love to sneak into cupboards, climb on counters, and seek out places we never would think would result in toxin exposure. Unfortunately, I have seen Read More

Dental Care is essential for the health of your Vail Valley Pet

Dental month at Mountain Animal Hospital Center and Mobile vet is just around the corner here in the Vail Valley. During this month we offer 20 % off all dental Read More

Importance of wellness exams in your Vail Valley Pet

In my many years of veterinary practice I have seen many trends in veterinary care. Most recently, I have seen a trend towards “vaccine clinics” and “Quick stop shopping” for cheap Read More

Viewing 113 - 126 out of 126 posts

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