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Senior Cat Care in your Vail Valley Pet

Here at Mountain Mobile Vet And The Animal Hospital Center, we see many aging cats. So often I find clients asking, “what can I do for my cat now that Read More

Importance of Dental Exams and Cleanings in your Vail Valley Pets

September is upon us, the time when many local veterinarians are offering discounts on pet dental services. So often I hear “Doc, I had my cat for 16 years and Read More

Laser Therapy in pets at your Vail Valley Vet, Mountain Mobile Vet And The Animal Hospital Center

Here at The Vail Valley’s finest veterinarian, Mountain Mobile Vet & The Animal Hospital Center, we are constantly striving to improve our practice, by updating our equipment and bringing in Read More

Educating horse owners in the Vail valley about Equine Infectious Anemia

In recent weeks, we have heard about an outbreak of a disease in horses called “Equine Infectious Anemia, in Southwest Kansas, all too close to Colorado! ” As a veterinarian here Read More

Fall Dangers in your Vail Valley pets!

Fall Pet Dangers to Avoid It is my favorite time of year – FALL!  The leaves are changing, there is finally a brisk chill in the air and we’re gearing up Read More

Your Vail Valley Vet's advice on using the internet for veterinary advice!

Veterinarians are familiar with the fact that pet owners will go online to find advice regarding pet care, there is no question that the internet is a great source of Read More

Keeping your Vail Valley Pet Safe from Veterinary Emergencies on Halloween!

Halloween Eve is upon us and while Halloween can be a time for a trick or treat, it can be especially “tricky” keeping your pets away from the “treats” as Read More

Senior pet care by your Vail Valley Veterinarian

As our pet’s age, it is inevitable that they will develop age-related diseases that need to be treated.  It’s very important that you, as a pet owner, are always on Read More

Parasites in your Vail Valley Pet

 At Mountain Mobile Vet & The Animal Hospital Center, we have been seeing a rise in the number of Parasites in pets, both internal and external parasites. So many of Read More

The Shelter Pet is the State of Colorado's pet!

Did you know that the Colorado Pet is the shelter pet? Each year, between 3 and 4 million pets are euthanized in animal shelters. We wish we could reduce this number, Read More

Hazardous Holiday plants for your Vail Valley Pets

Winter Plant Pet Hazards ​As your vail valley emergency and preventative care veterinarians, we are often asked about plants which can or may be hazardous to your pets around the holiday Read More

Veterinary Advice for Traveling with your Vail Valley Pet

Traveling with your pet can be both stressful and fun.  It’s nice to introduce them to new places and opportunities but it can be stressful trying to be sure all Read More

Keeping healthy with your Vail Valley Pet

~~January is here in the Vail Valley and with the arrival of the New Year, come our New Years Resolutions! Are you looking for new, better ways to get healthy? Read More

Common diseases of your Vail Valley Exotic pet

As your Vail Valley exotics veterinarian, I know that it’s not easy to know what to do with your exotic pets when they are sick.  It’s also important to know Read More

Could your Vail Valley Pet contract "Dog Flu"

The flu season is rampid across the United States, causing illness in humans in epic numbers. With 80 % of deaths from the flu being in individuals over the age Read More

Dental Health month is here for your Vail Valley Pet

 Here at Mountain Mobile Vet and The Animal Hospital Center, we strongly believe in dental care for your pet. As your local Pet Vet, we offer full service dental care,, Read More

Viewing 97 - 112 out of 126 posts

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