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Diabetes in your Vail Valley Pets

Diabetes in Pets             Diabetes is a disease well recognized in humans, but did you know that our dogs and cats can also be prone to Read More

What to do when your Vail Valley pet gets injured!

Wounds and Lacerations: What to do when your dog gets injured               Although we do our best as pet owners to keep our canine companions as safe Read More

Thanksgiving hazards to your Vail Valley Pets!

Thanksgiving Holiday is here! With the Covid-19 pandemic, most Vail Valley pet owners are staying home with their pets this year! With the decrease in outdoor dining, most of us Read More

Fear Free Vet Visits for your Vail Valley Pets!

How to Make Your Pet’s Vet Visit Fear-Free             Just like our own visits to the doctor, our pets’ visits to their veterinarian can be extremely Read More

Arthritis in your Vail Valley Pets!

Sitting Stiff-Canine Arthritis and What To Do About It             Have you started noticing your older dog slowing down, showing an unwillingness to jump in or Read More

Lumps and Bumps in your Vail Valley Pets!

Lumps and bumps and all those things on your Vail Valley Pets!   While Covid-19 has left may pet owners home taking care of their pets, we have seen a rise in Read More

Smoke is in the air! Asthma in cats!

Smoke is in the air! With wildfires continuing to burn throughout the state and the country, our air quality is decreasing and clean air is not always easy to find. Humans Read More

Preventative Veterinary Care in your Vail Valley Pet

The Importance of Preventative Veterinary Care             The last time you went to the doctor for a check-up they probably asked if you wanted to schedule Read More

Summertime injuries found in your Vail Valley Pets

As Covid restrictions begin to lessen, more and more folks are visiting the mountains with their pets. Pets who have been in quarantine with their owners for months, are now Read More

Dental Disease in your Vail Valley Pet

Your Pet’s Dental Health             Maintaining your  pet’s dental health is a very important aspect of keeping your dog or cat a happy, healthy member of Read More

Heartworm, Fleas and Ticks in your Vail Valley Pets

Heartworm, Fleas and ticks in your Vail Valley Pets! If you have taken your pet to see their veterinarian recently, you were likely asked if your furry family member is currently Read More

COVID-19 and Your pets in the Vail Valley

Over the past several months, COVID-2019 has swept the globe leaving destruction in its wake. It is a pandemic that has affected almost everyone’s life in one way or another, Read More

Leptospirosis in your Vail Valley Pets

With all the news now being about "Coronavirus" and viruses transmissable diseases between animals and humans, we quickly forget that there is a virus right here in our Vail Valley Read More

Celebrate Pet Dental month in your Vail Valley Pets

It’s February and the weather is COLD outside, and of course you may be thinking more about how you will get to work or school today rather than the condition Read More

Thanksgiving hazards for your Vail Valley Pets

One of the busiest times of year is upon us, especially when it comes to travelling, cooking delectable spreads of food, and spending time with family. Thanksgiving is one of Read More

Halloween Dangers in your Vail Valley Pets

Ghosts and goblins, witches and vampires. With Halloween just around the corner, last minute pumpkin carving and spooky decorations are creeping their way up to the top of many people’s Read More

Viewing 17 - 32 out of 126 posts

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