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Halloween Dangers in your Vail Valley Pets

Fall is in the air! The leaves are changing, Cold weather is arriving and Halloween is around the corner! Halloween can be a great time for children and families, but for pets, it is a dangerous time, as so many of tasty treats your children bring home can be toxic to the unknowing pets!

Halloween is a very common time for an increase in pet visits to the emergency clinics! Some of the more common pet emergencies include:

Chocolate ingestion: Chocolate contains Theobromine, which in humans can be easily broken down but in dogs, it is very toxic.The darker the chocolate, the more toxic it can be for your pet to ingest it.

Signs of Chocolate ingestion include exciteability, vomiting, diarrhea, and even seizures. In addition to Chocolate toxicity, other common hazards to your pets on Halloween include:

Candy Wrappers: these can cause painful obstructions in pets as well as pancreatitis! Watch for vomiting, straining to defecate,And abdominal pain.

Glow Sticks! Pets , being curious creatures, will chew on glow sticks. This can cause painful ulcerations and burns in the mouth. Signs are not eating, painful sores in the mouth, and excessive salivation.

Grapes/Raisins: Even at the smallest quantity, these can cause kidney failure and toxicity. 

Xylitol: Xylitol is a very common artificial sweetener found in many candies and is highly toxic, and can lead to liver failure and even death.


In addition to the “edible” dangers of Halloween, are the other dangers such as large crowds of masked children, unusual lights, an increase in the amount of traffic, etc all which pose an increase risk in your pet running away, or even getting hit by a car.

Be smart this Halloween. Keep you pets inside, on a leash and away from the festivities!  Keep doors closed and avoid contact with both the trick or treaters as well as the treats!


Happy Halloween.



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