Is Your Vet Really Available for All of Your Pet Needs?

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Is Your Vet Really Available for All of Your Pet Needs?

Is Your Vet Really Available for All of Your Pet Needs?

When you want the best care for your pets, it takes more than a typical vet with standard services. There is a high chance that your pet might experience an emergency or require a vet that is flexible enough to meet your needs. At Mountain Mobile Veterinary Service & Animal Hospital Center, we know that your pet’s health comes first and that doesn’t always fit into normal business hours. Our services are available 24/7 for those health concerns that simply can’t wait until later. We also make house calls for those who have anxious pets, a large number of patients or have another reason for not wanting to bring their pet into the office.

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Your Reliable and Trustworthy Eagle County Veterinarian

When you need a veterinarian in Eagle or Vail, you can trust Dr. Sheila Fitzpatrick and her 24 hour on-call veterinarian team at Mountain Mobile to offer all of the diverse services you need.  We operate mainly out of an animal hospital that can perform surgeries as needed, dental care, preventative health care, radiology, ultrasounds and more. But, what really sets us apart is our dedication to mobile services that are available 24/7 for emergencies or your convenience. Our mobile unit also helps allow pets to rest comfortably in their own homes with in-home euthanasia services.

We have pet owners with animals that are extremely anxious at vet offices and prefer to have us come to them. There are some times when animal injury or emergency makes it too difficult to move the pet, so owners call our mobile vets to come help their pet on-site. We also see patients whose owners are busy and need the flexibility of scheduling with our mobile unit. Then, there are also the farms and homes that have a whole herd of animals that they’d like to have seen at the same time. Whatever your reason, it is important to rely on a vet that has a lot of options for whatever you might need. We are your Minturn, Eagle, Avon, Vail Valley veterinarian when you are looking for the very best level of care.

Are you ready to see why patients are raving about our flexibility, compassion and dedication to their beloved pets? Call us today at %CLIENT_PHONE% to make your appointment or contact our emergency pet care team.

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