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Equine Dental Facts

Equine Dental Facts with Your Eagle And Summit County Large Animal Veterinarian


Here in Eagle and Summit counties, we love our horses! As a performance horse competitor, a trail rider, or an arena rider, we all have experienced the benefits of good dental care for our horses, with better performance, better bit response, and more optimal utilization of nutrients, resulting in a healthier, and stronger horse!

Top 5 Equine Dental Facts From Your Summit county and Eagle County large animal Veterinarian

1. A horse can have up to 44 teeth--compared to just 32 in humans. 

2. Horses teeth, unlike we humans, grow consistently, with the outer side of the upper arcade, and the inside of the lower arcade, growing more rapidly, which can affect the ability of a horse to prehend and chew feed without losing feed out of the mouth.

3. Over time, horse's teeth develop sharp “points” which can result in lesions that can actually result in infections in the oral cavity.

3. Horses teeth are not white!--due to the pigmentation of the plant life they eat, it's normal for equine teeth to be cream-colored with darker streaks. 

4. Your horse's gums, on the other hand, should be pink. Redness and inflammation at the base of the horse's teeth may indicate infection or some other condition. 

5. Signs of a horse experiencing dental problems include drooling, chewing on only one side, choke, trouble taking the bit, weight losss, unthrifty appearance, and odor coming out of the oral cavity.

What Can Equine Dentistry Do For My Horse?

At Mountain Mobile Veterinary Services and the Animal Hospital Center, the goal of our equine dentistry services is to examine, diagnose, and treat conditions that affect a horse's mouth, gums, and teeth. Since prevention is an essential component to longevity and well-being, it's important to have your horse regularly evaluated by an experienced large animal veterinarian to assure that its teeth are healthy--and to provide treatment if a problem is detected.

Is Your Horse Trying to Tell You Something? See Our Veterinarian in Vail CO Today

At Mountain Mobile Veterinary Services and The Animal Hospital Center, our team is dedicated to providing a range of comprehensive services to animals in need, both by appointment and through our 24-hour emergency on-call care. Equine dentistry is just one specialized area of clinical care that Dr. Sheila Fitzpatrick, your veterinarian in Vail CO, offers, to help keep your horse healthy and happy. To schedule a consultation, call us today at 970-328-7085 for our Eagle location, or 970-476-7085 for our Summit County or Vail Valley Equine needs. 

We look forward to seeing you!