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Dogs with Disabilities Inspire Children Waiting for Surgery

If you’ve ever had surgery you know how anxiety-riddled the wait can be. Emotions run high for kids during this waiting period, and now a few special dogs are helping to calm their nerves.

Dogs with Disabilities

“Watch these children and how they approach the dogs and how they are touching the faces of the dogs. And the dogs seem to somehow know exactly what they are doing and why they are here. They enjoy it,” explained Dr. Alexander Reiter, Chief of Dentistry and oral surgery at Penn Vet.

Each of the dogs has had surgery due to a disability, and their pet parents share the dogs’ stories with the children, so they don’t feel quite so alone.

inspirational service dogs

“There’s something that happens between a person and an animal,” says Erin Johnson, the owner of a dog named Emma who had a tumor removed from her face.

The dogs go through a special training program to be certified as therapy dogs in a hospital setting. And it seems the dogs not only help the children, but also their families as they wait.

What a wonderful blessing dogs are to each of us.

dogs with disabilities

The dogs seem to sense the need in each person they meet and instinctively know they need comforting. They just know what to do and eagerly offer unconditional love and affection.

dogs helping people

Wouldn’t your next hospital visit be so much more pleasant with a dog to pass the time at your side?

dogs helping babies



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