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Mobile Veterinary Care in the Vail Valley

Hello and welcome to the Vail Valley! If you have brought your pet along, you surely will find that the weather in the winter can get quite horrific, with ice  on the roads, multiple accidents, and travel made difficult. Not to worry though if you are looking for Vail Valley Veterinary care!

As a 24 on call Emergency Veterinarian in Vail and Eagle, Colorado, we offer mobile veterinary care.

Here at Mountain Mobile Vet, we offer Full -Service Mobile Veterinary Care in the Vail Valley. Advantages of Mobile Veterinary Care include less stress on your pet, which results in a more accurate temperature and heart rate compared to the clinic setting. We are also able to see your pet in it's home environment, and observe litter box habits directly, eating and drinking habits, as well as exercise routines. Furthermore, your pet won't have to go out into the cold, be exposed to the elements, be exposed to a long car ride, as well as be exposed to other pets should your pet have a contagious disease. For home euthanasias, house calls are especially useful as it allows the pet to go quietly to sleep in the comfort of your own home. So, are you tired of dragging your pet to the vet? is your pet fearful of the vet? Try the Vail Valley Mobile Veterinarian, Mountain Mobile Vet and enjoy the experience of home veterinary care. Typical calls for Mountain Mobile  Vet include Animal Physical exams, wellness checks, vaccinations, sick pet care, and euthanasias. Call us for all your pet needs! 970-476-7085/970-328-7085

We look forward to seeing you!