The Shelter Pet is the State of Colorado's pet!

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The Shelter Pet is the State of Colorado's pet!

Did you know that the Colorado Pet is the shelter pet?

Each year, between 3 and 4 million pets are euthanized in animal shelters. We wish we could reduce this number, by informing the public of the benefits and opportunities out there for potential new pet owners to adopt as well as educate the public on spay/neuter programs. Here in the Vail Valley, we have many opportunities to find the perfect furry friend and receive assistance in spays and neuters as needed.

First of all, we have the Eagle Valley Humane Society. This is a fabulous nonprofit organization that has been here for over 40 years and is made up by a group of volunteers who dedicate their time, and thru private donations can assist in caring for pets and finding new homes for them . Currently, EVHS receives most of their pets from owners who can no longer have those pets, which often includes otherwise thought of as “non-adoptable “ pets. EVHS operates an adoption center right next to Pazzo’s in Eagle as well as has a healthy group of volunteers who willfully “foster” pets before going to their new home.  EVHS has all pets spayed/neutered and given the required vaccines before going to their new homes. In addition, our local veterinarians will honor a “FREE” exam for those adopted pets for up to 7 days after the adoption. In addition, if you are struggling financially but realize the benefits of spays/neuters for your pet, EVHS has a financial assistance program so your pet can get the surgery needed in a timely fashion. If you would like to adopt a pet thru EVHS, or you would like to receive more information on the spay/neuter program, you can call Char Gonesenica at 280-5738 or Marie Shipley 331-1983. If you want to personally donate , go to All donations are so appreciated!

Another terrific option for finding the perfect pet is the Eagle County Animal Services.

They have a fully staffed Shelter, and strive to vaccinate each and every pet appropriately while assuring all are spayed or neutered. You can volunteer at the shelter and get to know the pet you are interested in as well. They do a terrific job and are also a great place to find a new pet.

So, remember, shelter pets need homes too. Here in our wonderful Vail Valley, we have so many opportunities to give pets a healthy, active life. We encourage you to adopt a pet today!

We look forward to seeing you!