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Itching in your Vail Valley Pets!

Summertime is here in the Vail Valley and as the warm weather approaches, the grass begins to reappear, flowers begin to bloom and pollens are once again in the air! In addition, insects begin to surface, including mosquitos, ticks, fleas and mites!

Have you noticed that it seems that every year around this time, your pet begins to itch? Itching in pets can be from a myriad of reasons!

Pets can develop itching because of “seasonal allergies.”

These allergies can be due to “contact allergies”which are allergies to what the pet comes in contact with, for example, grasses, weeds, flowers, trees, etc.

A pet with a contact allergy will often have hair loss in addition to secondary skin infection in the area in direct contact with the allergen, such as on the belly and on the bottoms of the paws!

Pets can also itch because of “inhalant” allergies, which are allergies from “inhalants” which are in the air, which the pet takes in through the airways and develop subsequent sneezing, coughing and itching as they begin an allergic response.

Finally, Pets can also itch because of “food allergies,” though these typically are not seasonal allergies, rather the pet will itch year round.

Other reasons for itching in pets during the summer months include skin parasites, such as Ticks, Fleas, and Mites . By being proactive with Tick and Flea prevention will help prevent against external parasites.

Your Vail Valley Veterinarian can quickly diagnose why your pet is itching after a full physical-exam. After your Veterinarian assesses your pet’s history and physical exam findings, allergy treatments may be prescribed, allergy testing may be ordered, in addition to preventative treatments for parasites.

Don’t let your furry friend be miserable with itching! Schedule a time now to have your pet seen so their summer is comfortable and fun!

We look forward to seeing you!