Summertime Hazards for your Vail Valley and Eagle Pets

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Summertime Hazards for your Vail Valley and Eagle Pets

Memorial Day Holiday is almost here and thus the beginning of summer for all your Vail Valley and Eagle Pets! Summer is our favorite time of year with our pets, as this is when we can get out and exercise more, and enjoy the great outdoors! But, with more outdoor play, come an increase in chances for your pet to have an unexpected after hours emergency vet visit to our Mountain Animal Hospital Urgent Care!

First, are you thinking of barbequing this weekend? Meat on the grill can pose a significant hazard to your pet, as  pets will often try to jump up on an active hot grill, risking very dangerous burns to their paws and extremities!  In addition, foods which we so often have at barbeques, pose threats to your pet with ingestion. Rib bones, for example, can lead to dangerous obstructions leading to emergency surgery, onions are toxic to your pet’s kidneys, meats high in fat such as bacon and brauts can result in life threatening pancreatitis, while alcohol can result in extreme sedation and even coma! So be careful during this barbeque season and keep your pet’s leashed and away from the dinner table!

Second, with the onset of warmer weather come an influx of more external parasites which though small, can carry deadly diseases to your pet! Mosquitoes carry heartworm disease, which can lead to early heart failure and eventual death. Ticks carry diseases such as Ehrlichia, Anaplasma, and Lyme's disease, all which affect the blood of your pet leading to life threatening disease. Administering Heartworm prevention to your pet as well as providing Tick and flea prevention can save you and your pet from potential life threatening disease. Bee stings are not as hazardous to your pet but can cause pain, swelling and of course allergic reaction, so ask your veterinarian about safe antihistamines for your pet that you can have while traveling in case of a bee sting. Finally, be very aware of the external parasites in the regions to which you are traveling. May areas have different kinds of external parasites posing an even greater risk to your pet!

Third, though not so common in our Vail Valley, snakes can also pose a threat for those adventuresome hikers around the state. Rattle snakes are very dangerous for your pet, causing life threatening disease  and should you be traveling to an area endemic for Rattlers, you should ask your veterinarian for the rattle snake vaccine!

Fourth, Poisonous plants certainly pose a risk to pets as well. It is important that you know certain plants  should you be preparing to be out and about in the wilderness with your pets. Sago palms for example cause liver failure, Oleander lily and foxglove plants can cause arrhythmias with your pets heart, while mushrooms can cause liver toxicity! 

Fifth, Fertilizers and Pesticides can also pose a threat to your pet.  There are many different types of these products with varying levels of toxicity. Should a fertilizer contain iron or nitrogen, it can poison a dog or a cat, while fertilizers based on bone or blood meal can cause severe intestinal irritation or blockage.  Should carbamates or organophosphates be present, these can lead to tremors and seizures in dogs. It is best to always have the labels of any products being utilized, and call Rocky Mountain Poison Control, who can direct you to Animal Poison Control with any questions or concerns .

Other summer hazards for pets certainly include metal edging, which is so often utilized in keeping our flower beds looking neat. A pet can run over one just once, and lacerate a pad or even a tendon. So be careful of this in your yards! Lacerations are common, as well as punctures, dog and cat bites from other pets, as well as rodent bites.

Many of the common hazards we see in the summer, could be avoided by keeping your pet on a leash and under control! The best way to keep your pet safe is to keep your pet under control but if you need us , don’t hesitate to call!

Have a great summer!

We look forward to seeing you!