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Heartworm Testing in your Vail Valley and Eagle Pets

Heartworm Testing in your Vail Valley Pets


As an Eagle Veterinarian and Vail Valley Veterinarian for over 25 years, I have seen a lot of changes in diagnostic technology for pets, which has resulting in diagnosing more disease processes that were otherwise going undetected.

One of those tests has been heartworm testing. Over the years, Vail Valley and Eagle Veterinarians would ask clients “do you travel?” before even offering the test which is making the assumption that we truly do not see Heartworm disease infected pets in our valley. What has been forgotten, is our valley has a very transient population, with many pets who have settled here from other parts of the country and many pets have truly come already exposed and infected with heartworm disease. With that said, we also have seen an increase of local pets visiting other areas in our state such as Grand Junction, where heartworm disease is on the rise. Therefore, we have come to recommend heartworm testing in all pets on an annual basis.

With the onset of new and exciting technology, the Heartworm testing has become far more advanced in recent years, and we, as your Eagle and Vail Valley Veterinarians, are able to not only detect Heartworm disease, but we are also able to detect 6 more Tick-Borne Diseases!

What most of our clients don’t know is Tick-borne diseases can be deadly. In addition, they are carried by different types of ticks, depending on where your pet has traveled in the USA.

In our Mountain Animal Hospital Center practice, we now offer the “Heartworm 4Dx” blood test . This test is the most trusted diagnostic tool in the industry for the detection of both heartworm disease and 6 other Tick-Borne diseases.

The diseases detected include, Heartworm disease, Ehrlichia Canis, Echrlichia ewingii, Anaplasma Phgocytolpillium, Anaplasma Platys, in addition to the causative agent for Lymes disease (Borrelia Burgdorferi).

Just in the past week, our trained Vail Valley and Eagle Veterinary team discovered a pet positive for lymes disease and we were able to instigate treatment instantly!

In conclusion, there are many parasitic diseases which your pet can contract both in Colorado and in the USA. An annual “Heartworm 4dx” test is imperitive for early detection, and treatment to assure your pet can continue to have a healthy, active life!


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