Thanksgiving hazards to your Vail Valley Pets!

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Thanksgiving hazards to your Vail Valley Pets!

Thanksgiving Holiday is here! With the Covid-19 pandemic, most Vail Valley pet owners are staying home with their pets this year! With the decrease in outdoor dining, most of us are cooking at home this year with of course, our pets!

Though Thanksgiving is a joyous holiday for humans, it can be a very dangerous holiday for their pets for many reasons.

Thanksgiving typically involves cooking a lot of food including foods which can be hazardous to our pets. As veterinarians, we see a lot of emergencies during this holiday, and strongly recommend you keep your pets out of the kitchen.

There are numerous Thanksgiving feast items which are toxic to your pets.

The most dangerous Thanksgiving foods include:

Grapes and Raisins:

Though they are tasty and easy to give as treats, these sugary sweets are toxic to our pets. When ingested, The fruits from the Vitus Sp. Can cause acute kidney failure , and the clinical signs of this often take days to show up in your pet!

Fatty table scraps:

When we see our pet salivating at the site of our own table food, we are so quickly swayed to just toss a piece to them out of empathy!But fatty table scraps such as gravy, butter,  and turkey skin can result in a life threatening condition called “pancreatitis,.” May small breeds are especially sensitive, and they can begin hours of painful vomiting and stomach upset ,even if given just one small piece!


Our practice has already seen the first bone ingestion emergency of this holiday!

Bones are a huge “no-no” and they can get stuck in the esophagus, as well as other parts of the intestinal tract resulting in obstructions leading to life threatening disease. Very sharp bones can perforate the bowel resulting in peritonitis almost immediately, and if left untreated, can result in acute death.

Onions and Garlic:

Though this food is often overlooked as being toxic to our pets, studies have shown then they ingest a vast amount, the result is damage to the red blood cells causing anemia. Our cats are especially sensitive to this food, and can develop extreme anemia (very low red blood cell counts) even after a very small amount.

Thankfully, with this food, the pets most often need to ingest if over several days to become severely toxic, but we still warn pet owners to keep their pets from these foods.


Alcohol of course, is a common substance ingested during the Thanksgiving holiday! This can be found in beer, wine, then other unusual sources such as rum-soaked cake, yeast bred dough, etc.  alcohol ingestion results in severe respiratory depression in our pets, and can lead to hypoglycemia and coma!

Thus, think twice before leaving that glass of wine on the floor or rum cake on the table !


Last but not least, beware of your pet being exposed to foods sweetened with artificial sweeteners such as Xylitol! This can be found in peanut butter, certain baked goods, even chewing gum. The result of pet ingestion is life threatening hypoglycemia and even liver failure!

In summary, this holiday season, try to keep your Vail Valley Pets out of the kitchen for their own safety and well being!

If you notice sudden change in behavior, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, or any other very noticeable clinical signs, don’t hesitate to call your emergency on call Vail Valley Veterinarian!~


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